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April 22, 2020, is Earth Day. On this 50th Anniversary of this international celebration, remember that this day is a time when we reflect on how to preserve our home planet’s environment and climate control. Earth conservation is the top priority for Fulton County. 

Just in time for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day we have updated the sustainability office webpage, we ask that you consider

• Your power consumption – Be sure to turn off those lights, televisions, and other electronics when not in use.
• Remember to recycle – Be sure to separate plastics, glass, paper, and other recyclables for trash day.
• It’s spring, let’s plant! - Consider using this time to refresh their gardens.

The Fulton County Commission on the Environment (FCCCE), is constantly working with the Board of Commission to create environmental policies; and to increase public awareness, understanding, and involvement concerning environmental issues.

Fulton County is a platinum sponsor of the Chattahoochee Nature Center and they are hosting a variety of online events for Earth Month.

Fulton County’s Sustainability Plan was adopted by the Board of Commissioners on June 5, 2019.

The plan sets six priority areas to preserve natural resources and improve the county’s resiliency:

1. climate change mitigation
2. social equity and smart transit
3. high-performance county infrastructure
4. education, outreach, and green jobs training/placement
5. fostering partnerships for plan implementation
6. Budgetary appropriation for the implementation of the plan.

Fulton County contracted with 2M Consultants to develop the plan.

Within each priority area, there are initiatives aimed at moving the sustainability needle. Some of those initiatives have already been started, including attaining Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification on many of the library renovation projects. 

Others will take an estimated four to six years, such as reducing the energy consumption in county buildings by 20 percent by 2025, according to Fulton County’s Sustainability and Energy Manager Kenneth Darisaw, one of the plan’s main crafters and the one responsible for its day-to-day implementation.