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Citizens' Commission on the Environment

Citizens Commission on the Environment

The Fulton County Commission on the Environment, or FCCCE, is a citizen advisory group appointed by the Board of Commissioners. The purpose of the FCCCE is to investigate environmental concerns; to make recommendations to the Fulton County Board of Commissioners on environmental policies, and to increase public awareness and understanding about environmental issues. 


One of the ways in which the FCCCE engages the community is to present annual awards to individuals, organizations, and companies that have improved the environment in Fulton County. The FCCCE seeks nominations each year for projects, programs, organizations, and individuals to be recognized at an annual Environmental Awards Ceremony.

FCCCE Award Ceremony

Examples of strong candidates for the award are provided below.

Environmental Advocates

  • A person who displays leadership on environmental issues
  • A person who encourages citizens and the business community to ensure that their activities and operations are environmentally responsible
  • A person who has participated in the resolutions of environmental issues for the general good of the citizens of Fulton County

Exemplary Project Developments

  • A project that preserves the natural environment, creates greenspace, or protects wildlife habitats
  • A project that reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • A project that has demonstrated outstanding compliance with all applicable environmental regulations

Exceptional Environmental Programs

  • An environmental education program with a broad audience and significant scope
  • A program with activities such as neighborhoods recycling, abandoned lot clean-ups, community gardens or watershed restoration
  • A program that involves communities in meaningful stakeholder engagement


The FCCCE also works with the Fulton County Board of Commissioners to adopt resolutions about environmental issues. Recent resolutions are provided below.

Indoor Air Quality

Single-Use Plastics

Urban Agriculture

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FCCCE Past AWARD Winners

2023 Awards Program Honorees

Delta Air Lines – At-Large
Delta is recognized for its dedication to its sustainability programs. The airline eliminated single-use plastics on aircrafts including utensils, passenger food containers, straws, and drink cups, thereby saving 4.9 million pounds of single-use plastics each year. Eliminating pre-packaging for most food items is helping them meet their goal of zero waste going to a land fill. The ground operations have transitioned away from using fossil fuel and have a goal of electrifying 50% of its fleet by 2025. Delta has transitioned to modified aviation fuel for a lower carbon footprint. Winglets have been added to the 737 fleet, saving 10 million gallons of fuel per year. Outside of operational changes, the airline has also started extensive climate lobbying efforts directly and through trade groups and is involved in preserving the headwaters of the Flint River.

Jason Ulseth, Chattahoochee Riverkeeper – District 1
In 2007, Jason Ulseth joined the team at Chattahoochee Riverkeeper (CRK) as the organization’s Technical Programs Director. Effective January 2015, Jason assumed the role of Riverkeeper and serves as the organization’s lead river protection advocate and spokesperson. He also serves as CRK’s lead boat captain and is licensed by the United States Coast Guard as a Merchant Marine Officer to captain passenger vessels of up to 50 tons. Jason was instrumental in helping to identify raw sewage releases from the Big Creek Water Treatment facility in 2023. Jason helped Fulton County respond quickly and effectively, and he provided expertise about reducing future contamination. His work is instrumental in protecting an ecosystem that is home to a wide range of biodiversity. As Riverkeeper he helps to ensure the community is informed about the conditions of the river so the community can continue to enjoy using it.

Old Rucker Farm – District 2
Old Rucker Farm started with a generous donation from Whole Foods Market. It is operated by Alpharetta’s Recreation and Parks Department as a community-led organic farm. The organization follows three tenants: education, production, and donation. Food and flowers from the farm are donated to North Fulton Community Charities every Friday, which serves approximately 125 families daily. In addition to producing and donating food, the farm serves the community by holding classes, workshops, and community events.

Sandy Springs Bee City USA – District 3
Sandy Springs is an officially designated "Bee City USA," which requires a commitment to policies and practices that support a pollinator-friendly environment. Bees and other pollinators play a crucial role in supporting the growth of valuable plant species that in turn support the food supply for other species – including people. In recent years bees and other pollinators have become increasingly endangered, and more communities have become aware of the need to support their protection and health. As a cornerstone to a healthy local ecology and environment Bee City USA improves the quality of life in Sandy Springs, Fulton County, and the larger Metropolitan Region.

Finding the Flint – District 4
Finding the Flint is an initiative to raise awareness and appreciation of the Flint River, Georgia's second longest river. Pollution, flooding, and drought stemming from the densely developed headwaters in Fulton County has led to downstream pollution in the community. Finding the Flint organizes cleanups, bus tours, paddle trips, water quality monitoring activities, community conversations, design workshops, and other volunteer events that engage the community in stewarding, observing, and enjoying the river. The organization works with the community, elected officials, and institutional stakeholders to secure grant funding for stream restoration projects, pocket parks, and trails in East Point, College Park, and Hapeville. Restoring these hidden headwaters and providing safe, welcoming access to the river will impact Fulton County residents for decades.

Community Compost Lab – District 5
The Community Compost Lab helps divert tons of waste monthly from landfills and converts it into compost. Community Compost is the only certified compost operation in Fulton County. The organic materials used to make the compost, such as food scraps, are sourced from various businesses in Fulton County. The compost is then utilized by farms and community gardens in Fulton County and the metro area. Composting helps improve the environment by reducing landfill emissions and reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers that can pollute ground water and damage our ecosystem.

MTO Shahmaghsoudi – District 6
MTO collaborates with local communities, organizations, and charities in order to promote community wellbeing and environmental solutions. The nonprofit is committed to its food waste reduction and plastic recycling programs, and it refuses to purchase items with excessive packaging. MTO has invested in cleaner sources of energy, including solar and wind. MTO also works with local farmers to ensure that agricultural materials are sourced sustainably.

2022 Awards Program Honorees

Mimosa Hall, Roswell – At-Large
Mimosa Hall is a preserved historical site in downtown Roswell that was purchased by the City of Roswell and is leased out for events. The nonprofit Friends of Mimosa Halls and Gardens led the effort to install solar rooftop panels to generate electricity. The eighty-panel solar roof is capable of powering the entire building.

The Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia – District 1
The Environmental Education Alliance is composed of community organizations and educators who are dedicated to increasing environmental educational opportunities throughout the state of Georgia. The organization advocates for outdoor learning and environmental education and provide resources to educators.

Ms. Simone du Boise – District 2

Ms. Simone du Boise has dedicated her career to incorporating sustainable and efficient practices into community building and development. She directs the architecture and construction disciples at Cadmus Design-Build. Simone served as the architect adviser to the net zero plan for Mimosa Hall, the At-Large FCCCE award-winner. She donated her time to help Mimosa Hall become one of the oldest net zero buildings in the country.

The Temple – District 3
The Temple is a synagogue located in midtown. The congregation greatly values social justice initiatives and hosts a Temple Green Team. The team incorporates environmentally friendly practices into daily temple policies. The team actively meets to identify new initiatives to reduce waste and reduce greenhouse emissions through energy conservation. The team works with the rest of the congregation to empower them to act sustainably as well.

Wholesome Wave Georgia – District 4
Wholesome Wave Georgia is a nonprofit network that aims to increase local access to fresh, locally produced food. With their Fresh for Less program, they partner with over twenty farms and markets to match SNAP/EBT dollars. This increases the affordability of fresh local produce for Fulton County residents, which promotes both community health and interest in local farms They also offer free gardening kits so community members can grow and produce their own produce.

Nature Gurlz – District 5
Nature Gurlz is an organization of senior women that formed during the pandemic to combat mental health issues. They meet daily at Cascades Springs Nature Preserve to go on walks. The organization encourages outdoor exploration and reconnecting with nature. It fosters a network of community support for senior women.

Dr. Catherine Foster Rowell – District 6
Dr. Catherine Foster Rowell is the Councilwoman for City of South Fulton District 1 and previously served as the City’s first Mayor Pro Tem. Throughout her impressive career, the councilwoman has championed policies that promotes social and environmental sustainability.

Chattahoochee Working Group of the Chattahoochee Riverlands Study – Environmental Justice Award
The Chattahoochee Working Group is a stakeholder group which meets regularly to discuss issues and opportunities related to the Chattahoochee River. The group works to protect the natural environment, while also supporting the relationship between residents and the river. Members of the group work to advocate for policy and launch initiatives that support the Chattahoochee RiverLands Greenway Study. The study researches and analyzes opportunities for developing greenways that allow for public access to the river without compromising the water quality and ecosystem.

Fulton Azalea Drive & South Fulton Collections Inflow & Infiltration Reduction Projects – Department of Public Works Award
The Fulton County Public Works Department works to protect the residents of Fulton County and the environment by implementing initiatives to improve water quality and reduce runoff. This year the Public Works team rehabilitated a long underground pipe along Azalea/Riverside Drive in Roswell. This restoration project will serve to reduce flooding and its negative consequences, including sewer spills. The project increases the resilience of Fulton County by preparing it for heavy precipitation.