The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office is offering you an exciting opportunity to join Atlanta CourtWatch. As a voluntary team member, you will peer into the workings of the Fulton County Courts to determine that justice is being pursued fairly and efficiently. Volunteers will be trained on the Criminal Justice System, and will closely monitor court cases to ensure a productive judicial performance is being served. This free program will foster accountability, aid in public trust, and will focus on repeat offenders in an effort to reduce crime in our community.


frequently asked questions

Are hearings virtual or in person?

Both. The Fulton County Superior Courts holds both day and night court in addition to in person and virtual hearings. CourtWatch coordinators will do their best to pair volunteers with the hearings to accommodate schedules and preferences.

Do I get paid for attending a hearing?

No. CourtWatch is an exclusively volunteer program that offers no financial compensation to participants.

How often will I be asked to attend hearings?

CourtWatch Coordinators will work with you to plan your involvement. Hearings do not necessarily occur with consistency and participation will vary. A 6 month commitment to the program is desired.

Why is this program needed?

Court reporting is a critical component of any open and transparent justice system. CourtWatch ATL is designed to ensure judicial and procedural accountability involving repeat offender cases.

Will defendant's be made aware of my presence in the courtroom?

No. CourtWatch volunteers will not be announced at hearings.

Will I be reimbursed for expenses such as parking and lunch?

No, CourtWatch participation is completely voluntary and no reimbursements or compensation is offered at this time.

Where do I park?

For more information on where to park, please click here