How To Bid

How To Bid On Surplus Real Estate

How To Bid

A Bid Package has been prepared by the Purchasing Department for each individual property that is being offered for sale. You will be guided through the bid process by your careful reading of the Bid Package. You may access the Bid Package for the property you are interested in buying from a link at the bottom of each property description on the Surplus Properties for Sale page. It is very important to follow the instructions carefully since they have been developed to insure compliance with State law and Fulton County’s policy. Laws and policies are in place to insure fairness in the sales process.

Licensed real estate professionals may access a link to the 2024 Buyer’s Agent Tutorial for more detailed instruction.

The Bid package is used to announce

  • Date and Time of the BID OPENING
  • Date, and Time of the OPEN HOUSE when appropriate, which is your opportunity to inspect the property

It will also provide the forms (listed here) that you will complete as a part of your offer that you will submit in time for the BID OPENING.

  • Bid Schedule
  • Non-collusion Affidavit of Bidder/Offeror

Here are the parts of each Bid Package:

Section 1 - Instructions to Bidders
1. Description of Real Property
2. General Information
3. Terms and Conditions Applicable to the Sale
4. Property Inspection/Open House
5. Preparation and Submission of Bids
6. Withdrawal of Bids
7. Addenda and Interpretations
8. Required Submittals
9. No Contact Provision
10. Applicable Laws
11. Bid Opening
12. Right to Reject Bids
13. Determination of Successful Bidder
14. Basis of Award
15. Resolution and Closing
16. County’s Right upon Failure of Successful Bidder to Close Transaction
17. Successful Bidder’s Right upon Failure of the County to Close the Transaction

Section 2 – Exhibits
Exhibit 1: Bid Schedule
Exhibit 2: Non-Collusion Affidavit of Bidder/Offeror
Exhibit 3: Legal Description
Exhibit 4: Purchase Contract