Risk Management


risk management

Risk Management and workers compensation DIVISION

Risk management and Workers Compensation professionals offer value by providing subject matter expertise and guidance to county stakeholders to help mitigate risks that would interfere with achievement of organizational goals and objectives.

Claim Services:

The Risk Management and Workers Compensation Division (RMWC)serve as claims administrators for Fulton County‚Äôs self-funded insurance programs of Automobile physical damage, Automobile Liability, Workers Compensation, Property, and General Liability/Nuisance claims that fall within the established retention parameters. 


Risk Mitigation:

The RMWC group seeks loss mitigation through intentional controls and intervention. We aggressively pursue loss offsets and avenues of contribution through subrogation /recovery, salvage disposition. The Division deploys robust claims mitigation techniques inclusive of ADR methodology to reduce the financial impact of loss to county finances and ultimately, our constituents. 


Insurance Procurement:

The Risk Management Division procures insurance for county property and facilities, public official and court bonds, as well as specialty insurance policies for county actors, and programs. 


Advisement/ Consultation:

  • Contract review for contractual risk transfer language and indemnification opportunities
  • Providing Evidence of Insurance and verification of Insurance Certificates
  • Establishing minimum insurance limits and coverage requirements for solicitations, leases, and a variety of intergovernmental and contracted service agreements
  • Workers Compensation Safety team performs safety inspections, instructional presentations, ergonomic site assessments, causation verification investigations and makes remedial recommendations in the interest of employee safety and safe work environments.
  • Develop and encourage risk ownership through continuous educational outreach to departments, agencies and Fulton program participants. 

Risk Management


risk management and insurance services

risk management claims services

Workers compensation claim and safety services

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