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Financial management and education

Financial Management & Education


Financial Literacy for Adults          


Classes and workshops range from basic budgeting, credit reports and scores, and estate planning.


Financial Literacy for Youth

Classes and workshops include teaching youth about spending, saving, and sharing money and credit for teens.



Call 404-613-4920 for more information about Financial Literacy for Adults classes and Youth classes.

Cooperative Extension also offers financial management publications:


How to Get Out of Debt (C 1045)


Learn about types of credit, how to assess your situation if you are in debt, and how to make power payments to get out of debt fast. Getting out of debt helps financial security and planning for the future.


How You Spend Makes a Difference (C 1044)


The average family can increase the money available for spending by as much as 20 percent just by paying more attention to where their money goes. Learn tips on how to determine where your money goes and how to develop a plan to rein in spending.


Understanding Your Water Bill (C 972)


By educating yourself on the basics of your utility’s rates and rate structure, you can determine how your water bill is calculated, double check to make sure you are being charged the correct amount, and make the most cost-effective decisions for reducing your bill through water conservation.


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