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Temporary Events

A temporary event is any event that attracts 50 or more people and lasts for two hours or more. Fulton County hosts more special events than any other county in the state. This program has been enhanced to address any health issues that may be present at events that are:

  • Sponsored by a political subdivision of the state or by an organization exempt from taxes
  • Lasts 120-hours or less
  • Permitted by a municipality within Fulton County.

Special Events organizers must have adequate provisions for the disposal of sewage and solid waste and have adequate drinking water available. If non-prepackaged food is served, a temporary food service permit must be secured for each temporary food service establishment. A “temporary” food service establishment is defined as one that operates at the same location for a period of no more than 14 consecutive days in conjunction with a single event or celebration. Environmental Health Services provides inspections and permits for these events; however, certain Special Events that are exempt from the requirements to be inspected and permitted.

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