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Animal Services Facility

Construction is underway for Fulton County’s new 50,000-square-foot Animal Services Facility, projected to open in the fall of 2023.

“Fulton County is a world-class county, and we need a world-class animal shelter,” said Chairman Robb Pitts. “Animal services are a high priority for our residents. The unanimous vote for this project shows that this is also a priority for the Board of Commissioners.”

The new facility, located on Fulton Industrial Boulevard, was approved in 2020 by a unanimous vote of the Board of Commissioners. It is financed primarily through Fulton County Urban Redevelopment Authority Bonds, with a portion paid through capital improvement funds from user municipalities.

Check back for regular updates throughout project construction.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE (as of June 26, 2023)

animal services update June 26 2023

During the week of June 19, the development of the slab framework for the barn began. Windows were added to the kennel runs, and steel stair installation continued. In addition, ongoing construction developments included: CMU veneer throughout the building, metal stud installation, roofing, and electrical, mechanical, and plumping overhead rough-in, which was added throughout the building. The facility has temporary power, and drywall installation continues.

From June 26-30, installation for the surgical lights will begin. The barn slab is also slated for completion next week as rough-in for mechanical, overhead, and plumbing continues throughout the building. In addition, more windows will be added to the kennel runs.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE (as of May 30, 2023)

Animal Services facility May 30 2023 update

During the week of May 22, rough-in installation for mechanical, electrical, and plumping overhead continues for sectors A and B of the new Animal Services Facility. In addition, the roofing and fire protection rough-in for Sector B was completed. Steel joists and a deck are being raised for the D Sector, and the decking for Sector C has also begun. The building now also had temporary power.

From May 30-June 2, the C Sector will see the start of CMU veneer installation. In addition, installation of fire protection overhead rough-in, roofing, drywall top-out, structural steel, joists, and decking will continue throughout Sector A. Sections A and B will have continued installation of overhead rough-in for plumbing, mechanical and electrical, and work on the deck and steel joists for sectors A, C and D are in progress.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE (as of April 27, 2023)

animal services update April 27 2023

During the week of April 17, Sector A of the shelter has seen numerous changes, including: overhead rough-in for mechanical, electrical and plumbing. We've also added drywall, exterior waterproofing, steel joists and structural steel. Sector B has undergone similar developments, with the addition of roofing and metal stud installation. Mechanical block out for CMU walls continue in sectors C and D, as well as the aforementioned rough-in.

From April 24-28, roofing, rough-in, developers have continued adding metal stud installation and CMU top wall supports for sectors A and B. In addition, rough-in in CMU walls have continued throughout the facility and temporary power has been added to the structure!

Check back for progress reports leading up to our topping-off ceremony this summer, and a final ribbon cutting this fall!

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE (as of April 12, 2023)

animal services update April 12 2023

Progress continues to be made toward the new Animal Services Facilities. As of early April, the load-bearing walls in Kennel Run 2 have been raised, wall bracing to the steel joists in Sector B has been added, and exhaust fans in other building sectors have been installed.

Sector B has also seen additions of exterior waterproofing, as well as overhead rough-in for plumbing, mechanical and electrical.

In the upcoming week, Sector B will receive more overhead rough-in for plumbing, electrical, and roofing. In Sector A, the structural steel installation will be completed.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE (as of February 10, 2023)

animal services update feb 10 2023

This month, we're excited to share that this state-of-the art facility will receive load-bearing walls, steel beams and columns, joists, veneer pouring, storefront windows and more. The final inspections are scheduled for late August.

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CONSTRUCTION UPDATE (as of November 18, 2022)

Animal Shelter as of 11.18.22

Click here to view the Animal Services Facility's Ariel Update Presentation.

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