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COVID-19 Update: Fulton County Arts Centers and the Wolf Creek Amphitheater are closed to the public. 

Fulton County Arts & Culture offers a variety of virtual classes in dance, music, theater, and visual arts for all ages and skill levels. Online registration is required for the SPRING SESSION will begin February 23 and ends March 27, 2021. The eight week session begins March 16 and runs through May 8, 2021. All classes are free with registration and are available for both youth and adults. Visit or for class details and to register. CLICK HERE for a complete list of classes.

About Us

The Fulton County Department of Arts & Culture assists the Fulton County Commission in the development of public policy on public support for the arts industry, makes recommendations to Fulton County Commissioners on funding the arts and generally oversees the development and implementation of publicly assisted programs that address the diverse cultural needs for Fulton County's citizens.

The department provides funding to contract arts organizations; manages Fulton County’s Public Art Program; conducts job readiness and life skills training through our Art at Work program; and provides arts instruction for children, teens and adults as well as over 100 annual cultural events through five neighborhood Arts Centers.  The department also organize master classes, workshops and other training for artists and arts organizations and operate several galleries and performance venues.

Fulton County Arts & Culture also helps oversee the Wolf Creek Amphitheater which is a world-class event venue owned and operated by Fulton County Government.  Located on a picturesque 435-acre wooded site in South Fulton County, the outdoor amphitheater accommodates 5,200 guests with reserved seating, table seating and spacious lawn seating. 

The Amphitheater’s peak performance season runs from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend and provides the perfect location for outdoor live music concerts, plays, performances, and festivals. 

For more than 30 years Fulton County Arts & Culture has vigorously pursued quality arts programming through support and development of artists, arts organizations, arts institutions and cultural programming for residents.

In 2019, Fulton County Arts and Culture was pleased to kick off the 40th year of arts and culture in Fulton County. The department is proud to build on a long legacy of quality service delivery under the celebratory theme of 40 Years of Creative Leadership. Click here for the 2019 Annual Report for the Department of Arts and Culture.