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Complete count committee

Complete Count Committee

The Fulton County Complete Count Committee was established by the Board of Commissioners to develop outreach plans and strategies to reach every citizen.

At its November 7, 2018, Regular Meeting, under item number 18-0842, The Fulton County Board of Commissioners established the Fulton County Complete Count Committee to plan and implement strategies for achieving a complete count of Fulton County residents in the year 2020 United States Census. Each member of the Board of Commissioners appoints two Fulton County residents to serve as members of the Fulton County Complete Count Committee. The Committee coordinates its activities with representatives of the United States Census Bureau's Atlanta Regional Office. For more information on the Complete Count Committee, please click the link below:

Fulton County is working with our partners in 15 cities, the state of Georgia and the U.S. Census Bureau to make sure every person living in Fulton County is counted.

Census 2020 Complete Count Committee Members:

Barbara Jabaley, Chairwoman, At-Large
Eric Paulk, Vice Chairman, District 4
Aubrey Ethridge, At-Large
Commissioner Joe Carn, District 6
Stacey Green, District 6
Dr. Roslyn Harper, District 5
Lisa Lester. District 5
Monique Williams, District 4
Lisa Carlisle, District 2
Claire Bartlett, District 2
Alex Kaufman, District 1
Craig Kidd, District 1